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RMA Downtown Expressway Parking Deck
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RMA Downtown Expressway Parking Deck
Structure/Place Type 1:
Parking Deck
Block Name:
Year Completed:
Street Address:
910 East Byrd Street
Height (Feet):
No Data Entered
Contractor 1:
Flour Daniel Corporation
Contractor 2:
RMA Authority
This project, while not entirely sizable, was embroiled in a large debate upon its inception The site, on top of the Downtown Expressway, was slated for an office building parking deck for the James Center. However, the developers of Riverfront Plaza to the south wanted the site for a plaza to link to the riverside development with the financial district. A compromise was struck with the owner of the land to build the parking deck north of the center of the property (and still allow for the possible development of a office tower) with a plaza on the remaining piece of property. The deck holds approximately 1,000 cars and is quite a masterfully piece of 'car architecture'. The landscaping around and 'on' the building help to make make an ordinary deck look unique in an urban setting.
Regional Location:
City of Richmond
City Of Richmond District:
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